Band News

Friday Night 23rd November at the Swan Lounge

We'll be there and we hope to see you too, as usual for the Swan Lounge it'll be our quieter acoustic stuff on display, no ear-plugs required! Just $5 entry from 8pm to midnight!

There's been a bit of a change to the line-up since the poster was created, see below for up to date times.

08:20 - 09:00 Pool Forth
09:20 - 09:40 Sassquatcher
10:00 - 10:45 Wrongtown
11:05 - 11:50 Stopmotion

Check out the Facebook Event for more info, and while you're there maybe throw a like our way.

We're A Band. You'd Like Us - Digital Download

We've made immediate digital download of our new CD in your choice of MP3 320, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire available online at BandCamp as a Pay What You Can download. Presently the only way to get hold of the real thing in all of it's sexy splendour is to track down a member of Wrongtown, and of course the easiest way to do that is to come to our gigs!

Deciding to provide digital downloads on a Pay What You Can basis makes sense to us, as it allows our fans who can afford it to pay what they think is fair so we can work towards more polished releases in the future. On the flip side, it still allows those who don't have spare cash right now to legitimately obtain examples of our work. Of course we're all for reaching new people as well, so if you haven't already we'd love you to "Like" us on Facebook, or just tell your friends!

Wrongtown Rock Ya Ya's 30th October

Come and join us at Ya Ya's to celebrate the surviving the worst part of the week along with Misty Mountain, The Dark Rooms & The Crooked Cats!

We'll be introducing even more new material and as usual we want to know what you think of it. You can check out the other acts and expected set times via the Facebook Event.

Wrongtown Rock Ya Ya's 8-Sep-12

We love playing Ya Ya's, it makes us happy. It makes us even happier when you come along to see!

We'll have a stash of CDs available for those of you who have been waiting to get your hands on one. We've put together a set that includes some older stuff, some tracks from the CD, and some even newer stuff which we'd love to see your reaction to.

The fine people at Ya Ya's have set up a Facebook Event which you should most certainly check out, we'll be there from the beginning and expect to play around 9pm!

Fundraiser At The Swan Hotel

Two stages. Nine hours. Twenty-four acts.

Just ten dollars.

Come for the whole thing or just for part of it, but come along to this fundraiser for The Colony, a new arts project being implemented to provide a space where Perth artists can work on their passions, collaborate with and learn from other artists.

We'll be providing a semi-acoustic set highlighting those sweet sweet vocal harmonies you love so much and provide a perfect close to an awesome day of entertainment.

There's even a Facebook Event you can check out if you want to know more about the line-up! All this extravagance for your benefit, yet still only $10 for the whole thing. Amazing.