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Happy New Year From Wrongtown

Wrongtown would just like to thank all of you for a rocking 2011! This year wouldn't have been half as much fun without you awesome folk turning up to our gigs, showing us love, making us laugh and in general being cool.

Here's to more of the same, and new exciting developments in 2012!

Ya Ya's Xmas Gathering

We'll be playing at the Ya Ya's Christmas Gathering on Friday the 23rd of December with The Daniel Firken Trio. No need to go home when that's done though, as Ya Ya's own Jamie will be joined by Lady Libertine and some special guest DJs taking over to keep you shaking your money-maker when the live stuff stops.

We'd love to see you there, so get into town to do some of that last minute xmas shopping, then head over to see us play at 9pm and boogie on down from there! Sounds awesome right?

Doors 9pm $5 all night the party goes till 2am, the really cool kids are RSVPing on facebook as we speak.

Dye Our Bassist For A Good Cause

Our bassist Troy (who is the big geek posting all of this stuff) is participating in Movember, a fundraising event which seeks to raise awareness (and funds) for men's health. Specifically prostate cancer and depression in men.

Troy is really rubbish at growing facial hair and bad at following instructions, so of course he's put his own spin on things. For the last few years he's been fundraising by growing a "mo" on the back of his head (you can see larger pictures of his current "mo" and previous efforts on his Movember profile).

Not content to leave it at that, there's a competition. Details are available on the aforementioned profile but the gist of it is if you donate more than $10 you might win The Raffle. If you win The Raffle you get to tell Troy to dye his "Skullmo" whatever colour you like for the last week of November.

The winner will be announced on his profile (no I'm not linking it again) and pictures will be made available there. Please donate, and specify your preferred colour choice in the comment field of your donation!

Birthday Gigs Are Fun

Today we were given some footage taken during the gig we played on Friday night, so thought we'd share it with you. We were asked to put a few extra covers into our set, at this point of the night we were having a blast during our second encore with the birthday girl up on stage singing along. We also learned an important lesson about giving percussion instruments to audience members...

As usual, you can like Wrongtown on facebook to have this sort of stuff show up in your feed. More exciting than Farmville, right?

Rollerderby October 8th @ Midvale SpeedDome

We're happy to say we've been invited to play during the Roller Derby bout on Saturday 8th of October. Come along for some sporty-skatey entertainment with a bit of slightly less physical and slightly more musical entertainment at half-time. You can book tickets here and get more information on the bout here.

Doors open 6:00pm with the bout starting at 7pm. Also worth being aware that the Midvale SpeedDome has no ATMs, so cash up before you get there!