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Bodyform Responds: The Truth

The comment below (on the Facebook page of UK maxipad producer Bodyform) blew up last month with over 80,000 likes.

Their response below is wonderful. Well played, Bodyform. Well played indeed.

SYSKILL Do Band Promotion Right

So that is what we should be doing to promote the band? It's all so clear now! Such a shame we don't have frozen pools here in Australia... I have to agree with several youtube comments that it would be so much better if he got another surprise around the 1 minute mark.

I know I'm kind of late to this party, but at time of this posting you still have just over a week to bid on the shorts he's wearing.

Kid Faced With Dinosaur Abandons Family To Their Fate

This is brilliant and adorable and I can think of a couple of kids I know that would probably have done exactly the same thing. Feel no shame Zac, move on and find a new family who haven't been consumed by our dinosaur overlords, it's what mummy and daddy would have wanted.

An Abridged History Of Western Music in 16 Genres

Around this time last year I posted a video by collectivecadenza covering non-verbal lyrics, here's another of theirs showing an (extremely) abridged history of Western Music.

Gangnam Busters!

Yes, I know, everything is over-saturated with Gangnam Style right now. I'm afraid I simply must insist that you humour me, this hits too many buttons for me to ignore it. Give it a chance... just the tip, just to see how it feels.

Many thanks to Eric for this one.