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Over at deviantart, we have a wonderful creation by DrFaustusAU: The Call Of Cthulhu - for beginning readers. A wonderful re-telling of the Lovecraft classic in a Seussical Style. This makes me very happy indeed!

Thanks to Eric for this one.

Yet Another Take On Gangnam Style

Ra-On (based at the University of California, Berkeley) have produced this acoustic cover of the now-famous Gangnam Style, and I've got to say I'm finding it not bad at all. Obviously the original is already sexy as hell, but this takes it in a far more sultry direction. I only wish we'd done it first, but apparently our singers are too lazy to learn another language just for one song. Typical.

Grad School Scam

Of course, I would find this funny, given that I have no university degree of my own. People who live in small, mud-caked hovels in the shadow of the crystalline spires of our great institutes of learning might as well throw stones.

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Sterling Archer & Draper Pryce: Together At Last

I am entirely confident that there is a limit to just how many Archer quotes the fine people over at can put to screengrabs from Mad Men. I am also quite sure that I want them to hit that limit before they stop, some of these are just beautiful.

Thanks to @matlane74 for this one.

Ben Folds Does It With Fraggles

Well this catapulted me back to my childhood pretty damn quickly. Check out the new Ben Folds Five music video for "Do It Anyway", in which he is accompanied by none other than the Fraggles. If you never watched Fraggle Rock as a kid well... well you probably watched other shows, but I sure liked it. I remember being very curious as to exactly what the Doozer constructions tasted like.