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R Kelly & Sexual Repression: Together At Last

What happens when you take a video made by Jehovah's Witnesses telling the deaf not to masturbate, and marry it with R Kelly's "Ignition Remix"? Fucking beautiful magical things, that's what. There are moments where it is almost too perfect.

Many thanks to @matlane74 for the suggestion.

Good Books "Metamorphosis"

Good Books "Metamorphosis" from Antfood on Vimeo.

Man, this could have gone so badly but I think they've done a fantastic job. Certainly doesn't make me less inclined to use Good Books in the future.

"Dude, You Slapped The Fish"

I've been really lax with this one, but for those few who might not have already seen it this Bad Lip reading treatement of Twilight may well be worth the wait. Or not.

Sloth Believes He Can Fly

Who knew that a sloth trying to cross the road would turn into the most inspiring thing you'd see today? It's just so damn beautiful.

Troma Movies On Youtube

Troma Entertainment, who brought us titles like Cannibal! The Musical, The Toxic Avenger and Killer Condom, have released a huge amount of their back-catalogue onto youtube. On purpose. If you've never seen Cannibal! you owe it to yourself to check it out.