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Biggie Smalls feat. Thomas The Tank Engine

It... it's so beautiful. Maybe it's just a need for significantly more sleep, but at this moment this clip just feels so right. A gift.


The "problem" with knowing people who are interested in Game Dev is that you constantly have more experimental games to play. Addictive experimental games, that you figure you'll play just one more time... Like KROOG, which is part of the current JS13K competition.

Darkside To Disney

If Disney just gives you a warm fuzzy wholesome feeling that you treasure more than life itself, probably best not to head over to Thomas Czarnecki Photography, where he's been exploring some fairly dark interpretations of old Disney classics. Mind you, if you're not particularly attached to your childhood then get stuck right in.

Thanks to Mr Fish for this one!

Mad Men Go All Sentimental

The sheer effort and time this must have taken makes me happy. It's not like we haven't seen similar stuff spins before, but it still tickles me.

Handmade Game Of Thrones Themed Risk Board

So apparently someone commissioned Fay Helfer to create a handmade wooden Risk game board fashioned after the map of Westeros.

Wonderful craftsmanship and custom bags for game pieces which would seem to be coloured after several of the larger Westerosi Houses make me wish I had the sort of coin to just go about hiring talented artists willy-nilly. Also drool-worthy as are the pyrography-based character portraits she's made along with it.