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A Reasonable Request

That's the spirit lads.

A Reasonable Request from Andrew Laurich on Vimeo.

Paul Robertson's Take On The Simpsons

I didn't know how much I needed this until it was right there in front of me.


Alison Brie Vs Memes

I've been lazy on this one but I'm pretty sure there's some kind of law that states I have to post this. I mean it's Alison Brie, and she's doing her best impressions of Grumpy Cat and Ermahgerd, to keep it quiet would be some sort of human rights abuse right?

As the video will prompt you, there's a whole 22 minute interview if you'd like to hear her talk Dungeons & Dragons, watching her own work, and Nathan Fillion. Alternatively you can skip straight to her attempts to create unsexy .gifs.

Game of Thrones Remixed As A Highschool Sitcom

Where 'Our way is the old way' just indicates a preference for "retro".
Where Theon Greyjoy is head of the swim team.
Where Joffrey is the principal's son.
Where House Baratheon is in conflict over who will throw the best party...

By the time the real thing is back on the air, I'm going to be very confused...

Ermahgerd Ah Serng

I am pretty sure I know a few people who will be very happy indeed to know this exists. What more could you want from a Gersberms song? You want R.L. Stine appearing to deny responsibility? Yup. The Swedish Chef bustin' some rhymes? Yeah we got that too. Björk wearing a swan dress? Okay so it's an impersonator, but close enough.

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