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Dye Our Bassist For A Good Cause

Our bassist Troy (who is the big geek posting all of this stuff) is participating in Movember, a fundraising event which seeks to raise awareness (and funds) for men's health. Specifically prostate cancer and depression in men.

Troy is really rubbish at growing facial hair and bad at following instructions, so of course he's put his own spin on things. For the last few years he's been fundraising by growing a "mo" on the back of his head (you can see larger pictures of his current "mo" and previous efforts on his Movember profile).

Not content to leave it at that, there's a competition. Details are available on the aforementioned profile but the gist of it is if you donate more than $10 you might win The Raffle. If you win The Raffle you get to tell Troy to dye his "Skullmo" whatever colour you like for the last week of November.

The winner will be announced on his profile (no I'm not linking it again) and pictures will be made available there. Please donate, and specify your preferred colour choice in the comment field of your donation!